Saturday, July 28, 2018

Take The Strain Of Your IT Infrastructure With Hosted Services

Do you sometimes struggle to get the support you need from your internal IT department?

Signing up for Hosted Services will mean that you still have access to a fully supported energy monitoring application over the internet without the need for local installation, backup or the consequential IT constraints, therefore the strain is taken off your servers, allowing them to concentrate on the essential needs of your business.

Using a service like this allows you to use the energy monitoring software in exactly the same way as you would locally but benefit from high performance hardware and high support availability of a hosted service.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Increased data processing capacity through a high specification server

  • Allowing you to use the optimum set-up for the energy monitoring application

  • Less of a reliance on local or outsourced IT support and backup

  • Direct access to the software's support team if required

  • Free software updates (carried out for you by the support team)

  • Ability to access your data from outside your corporate network using a secure connection

  • Option to take advantage of the software's Premium Maintenance and Support Services

The energy management software and database are set-up on a secure high-speed server.

You connect to the secure host server using a URL similar to a website address. To log into the energy management software from any computer you need to use a Windows application called Remote Desktop. All processing utilises a powerful server and a high-speed internet connection (10Mbit) which ensures fast access to your energy data.

Just like when you run the software off your own local server you can have multiple users simultaneously accessing the system. As with the locally run access to your energy management system, this is password controlled and for added security and you can also choose to only allow specific IP addresses to log in.

The benefit of using this service for your energy consumption and monitoring is support staff can log into the software directly to provide a more hands-on support service if required. This includes carrying out regular database health checks and maintenance work if required.

If you are already using the energy monitoring Software in your organisation your existing database can be easily transferred to the secure server.

The hosted servers are situated in a purpose-built data centre with top-level security (T4) where access is only provided to authorised IT personnel.

The site provides a managed uninterrupted power supply and two back-up generators with 30 hours of fuel on-site for 100% uptime. Two back-up internet connections ensure that access is guaranteed.

Automatic backups are ran to ensure your database is protected against loss of data. Optional regular encrypted backups of the database can be provided on DVD if required.

TEAM is the UK's leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions. With over 500 customers in the UK and worldwide we specialise in energy management software, outsourced energy management services and energy consultancy.

Founded in 1985 by Managing Director Paul Martin, TEAM has customers from all sectors including Commerce, Industry and Government. Our solutions are used across the globe, from Europe and Australasia, to America and Russia.

TEAM consistently produces energy savings that exceed the cost of our services and products.


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